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Discover the most efficient way to learn Chinese with our innovative apps. Say goodbye to the traditional methods that only teach Chinese characters at an advanced level or skip writing altogether. Our app helps you get familiar with Chinese characters in just five hours, using pinyin to learn pronunciation only. With this approach, you can jump to an advanced level quickly and save months, if not years, of your time. Unleash the potential of the world's most immense and mysterious country with our apps and take your first step towards fluency in Chinese today!

All 28 Chinese strokes

Chinese character fundamentals Ⅰ

An alphabet is not what it seems to be. "Z," for example, is not a letter. It's a three-stroke symbol. Turn it around a bit, and you've got an "N."

Unlock the key to Chinese characters with our comprehensive 28 Chinese strokes handbook. Chinese characters are made up of only 28 strokes, each with its unique shape and purpose.

With our handbook, you'll gain a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of Chinese characters.

And the best part? It's completely free, with no sign-up required. Simply press the download button and start your journey to mastery of Chinese characters today!

Get familiar with Chinese characters in 5 hours—free.

All 28 strokes app

Get ready to revolutionize the way you learn Chinese characters! Our All 28 Strokes app is the ultimate tool to help you understand the smallest possible building blocks of Chinese characters and get familiar with them in just 5 hours. With our app, you can easily find and draw all 28 strokes and seven significant stroke deformations used in characters. Say goodbye to hours of memorizing and hello to an effortless and engaging learning experience. Use the app now, for free, at our study center! Join the revolution and take the first step towards fluency in Chinese characters. Let's go!

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Get familiar with Chinese characters in 5 hours—free. first

Secrets of learning Chinese

Learn how to learn Chinese

Our approach to learning Chinese involves four key steps: understanding pronunciation and characters' building blocks (the 28 strokes), learning the most commonly used characters components, studying the vocabulary derived from these characters, and finally, applying what you've learned through practice and immersion in the language. Our materials and technology are designed to make the learning process efficient and effective. They are based on scientific principles of memory retention and allow for individualized study plans. Whether you're just starting or looking to improve your Chinese, our approach can help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. Learn more about our approach now!


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