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Swiftly and progressively build your Chinese language skills: Uncover the secrets to effective learning

Welcome to our Chinese language program, designed to guide you step-by-step from beginner to mastery. Discover the intricacies of Mandarin pronunciation and Chinese characters, build a solid foundation, and achieve fluency with expert guidance. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the secrets of one of the world's most widely spoken languages!

Unveiling the core principles of Chinese language mastery

Discover the foundational guidelines for achieving fluency and confidently navigating Chinese linguistics

Prioritize pronunciation

Initiate your language journey with a focus on pronunciation to enhance your accent. Early efforts in mastering pronunciation prevent hard-to-change habits later on.

Embrace strokes as foundations

Chinese characters, like paintings, are formed by 28 fundamental strokes, serving as the building blocks of written communication.

Understand components for character formation

Components convey meaning, pronunciation, or serve as core elements for Chinese characters. Mix, match, and compose Chinese characters.

Master characters to create words

Chinese language mastery begins with characters, the puzzle pieces that form words. Ten characters can generate over 20 words.

Connect characters to meaning and pronunciation

Characters uniquely link meaning and pronunciation. For instance, hóng has multiple meanings, while 红 signifies "red" and is pronounced as hóng.

Opt for recall over review

Active recall, such as writing characters, is more effective for memorization than passive review. Practice writing characters without looking at examples.

Employ spaced repetition systems

Utilize technology to monitor your memory retention and efficiently allocate review time, allowing for 10-20 minutes of daily, focused practice.

Embrace consistent, moderate effort

Consistent, moderate effort yields better results than intensive, sporadic effort.

Seek a supportive language partner

Find a language ally who can guide, accompany, and patiently encourage you throughout your learning journey.

Avoid grammar obsession

Focus on understanding and using the language, rather than fixating on grammar rules. Learn from examples and prioritize language usage over theory.

Personalize your learning

Tailor your learning content to your interests and experiences, incorporating sounds, imagery and context to enhance memorization and engagement.

Allow natural language output

Let Chinese become familiar before speaking it. Avoid forcing conversations and allow speaking to emerge organically as your comfort level grows.

Starting your journey

Step 1 - The basics for beginners

Embark on your adventure

Begin your Chinese learning journey as you explore the fascinating world of Mandarin pronunciation and Chinese character structures. This adventure starts with essential tools tailored for beginners: our well-designed pronunciation and stroke learning modules.

As you step into this new world, we'll unveil the secrets behind accents and discover how to sound like a native speaker. You'll uncover the intricacies of Chinese characters, which are composed of 28 unique strokes that can be combined to form around 100 foundational components. These components play diverse roles, such as conveying meaning, indicating pronunciation, or serving as basic building blocks.

Immerse yourself in the elegant complexities and hidden mysteries of Chinese characters, as you engage in a dynamic learning experience.

Join us on this captivating journey through Mandarin pronunciation and Chinese characters with our comprehensive beginner learning modules, and prepare to embrace the wonders of the Chinese language.

Beginner program

Step 2 - Intermediate level

Building a robust foundation

As your journey into the world of Chinese characters progresses, you'll delve deeper into the fascinating structure of characters by exploring our components learning module. Here, you'll master the 104 foundational components formed using the 28 strokes, gaining invaluable insight into the architecture of Chinese characters.

Components, consisting of single characters and radicals, serve as the essential building blocks of Chinese writing. While single characters possess meaning, radicals do not. However, both provide crucial clues about a character's meaning or pronunciation, making them indispensable in your Chinese learning adventure.

With a solid foundation in components, you'll move forward to the characters learning module, where you'll combine single characters and radicals to create 400 characters. As you apply your newfound knowledge, you'll discover how these 400 characters can be used to construct 1586 words. Together, we'll learn all of them, mastering their pronunciation and meaning, as you continue to unravel the intricate beauty of the Chinese language.

Intermediate program

Step 3 - Advanced level

Achieving fluency - How fluent do you want to be?

By now, you've acquired the ability to pronounce anything, as well as read, write, and understand 2/3 of the Chinese language. However, constructing your own sentences may still prove challenging. You possess all the necessary components, but the adhesive that binds them together is yet to be discovered.

This "glue" comprises parts of speech and grammatical structures. For instance, you'll learn to express concepts like "again", "almost", "already", "finally", "first", and many more. Chinese doesn't have verb conjugations; instead, you'll add or remove words to differentiate between past and present rather than altering verb forms.

Through examples, you'll master parts of speech, expanding your vocabulary to 2500 words. You'll be equipped to handle everyday situations, employ accurate speaking rhythms, and comprehend the distinctions between Western and Chinese thought processes.

Advanced program

Step 4 - Mastery

Immersive input and effective output

The final stage focuses on immersive input. Absorb Chinese organically while engaging with captivating content through reading, watching, listening, or conversing. We'll assist you in finding materials tailored to your level and interests.

As you read, you'll gain more than just passive vocabulary—the words you can recognize. You'll also develop an extensive active vocabulary, encompassing words you can confidently employ in listening, speaking, and writing.

Watching TV series, movies, and online videos serve as excellent resources to enhance your listening skills. Comprehensible listening input refines aspects of pronunciation such as flow, stress, or pitch.

Having learned the fundamentals of conversation, it's time to express yourself freely to native speakers. Finding a supportive and articulate language partner can be challenging, which is why we offer one-to-one conversations with native speakers to help you achieve true mastery.

Master program

Embark on your Chinese language adventure today!

Begin your journey with step 1 - The basics for beginners

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Chinese language and immerse yourself in a rich cultural experience? Start your adventure with our comprehensive Step 1 program, designed to guide you through the fundamentals of Mandarin pronunciation and Chinese characters.

By choosing our beginner program, you'll gain access to the most effective pronunciation and writing apps, uncover the elegant complexities of Chinese characters, and learn the nuances of Mandarin pronunciation. With our expert guidance, you'll be one step closer to fluency.

Don't hesitate—begin your Chinese language journey today and discover a whole new world of possibilities! Click here to dive into Step 1 - The Basics for Beginners.