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Welcome to our intermediate Chinese learning page! Here, we provide you with exceptional tools and resources tailored to expand your understanding of Chinese characters and vocabulary. Our carefully designed apps and course will guide you through mastering character components, developing a strong vocabulary foundation, and grasping the logical structure of words and characters. With our Intermediate learning tools, you'll be well on your way to achieving a higher level of fluency in Chinese. Dive in and start taking your Chinese language skills to new heights!

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Chinese module: Learn key components

Single characters
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Effortlessly recognize and write Chinese characters by learning the 104 essential radicals and single characters with our innovative character components module.

Chinese module: Learn essential characters

Most common
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Learn the 490 most frequently used Chinese characters with our essential Chinese characters module. Enhance your reading and writing skills, covering 80% of written Chinese, and elevate your Mandarin proficiency on-the-go.

Course content overview

Single characters and radicals

Understanding character logic

Chinese characters are made up of components called single characters and radicals that frequently appear in various characters. Single characters are simple, standalone characters with meaning, while radicals are character parts that cannot stand alone. Mastering single characters and radicals significantly improves your character recognition ability, making it easier to memorize characters.

The 400 character threshold

Solving Chinese puzzles

Learn 400 essential Chinese characters with strong word-formation abilities, frequently used in written and spoken language. While English language units are words, Chinese has two primary units: characters and words. Characters can form words, but often, Chinese words are composed of two to three characters, and sometimes even four. Mastering these character groups will vastly improve your Chinese language skills.

Example: 自 (self), 行 (to move), 车 (vehicle) combine to form 自行车 (bicycle) - a vehicle moved by yourself!

Boost your vocabulary with 1500 common words

Expand your Chinese vocabulary

Elevate your Chinese language skills by learning 1500 of the most common Chinese words. Combining 400 essential characters, your vocabulary will expand to near HSK4 level.

Understanding Chinese character structure

Master logical character creation

Chinese characters have logical, fixed structures and are not created randomly. With our character apps, you'll learn to use single characters and radicals to create any character.

Grasp Chinese word structure

Unlock common word structures

Chinese words are formed logically, and there are various word structures to understand. Gain a natural understanding of common Chinese word structures like 妈妈 (two identical characters) or 开心 (two different characters).

Enhance communication skills for real-life situations

Improve practical communication

We've analyzed 107 mainstream textbooks and revised dialogues for practicality. Learn sentences directly applicable to real-life situations, unlike the rigid dialogues in many textbooks.

Learn real-life high-frequency vocabulary

Stay up-to-date with modern terms

Master modern vocabulary frequently used in everyday life, such as 扫码 (to scan a QR code), which is often missing from textbooks despite its widespread use since 2010.

Conquer 22 survival conversations for everyday situations

Tackle everyday conversations with confidence

Together, we'll explore 22 daily topics, enabling you to understand and engage in basic survival conversations like greetings, buying tickets, shopping, seeing a doctor, and asking for help.

Enhance your Chinese skills with our intermediate apps

Boost your vocabulary and understanding of Chinese characters

Are you eager to expand your Chinese language abilities? Discover our specially designed Intermediate apps, which will help you master character components, improve your vocabulary, and better understand the structure of words and characters. Don't miss out on the opportunity to accelerate your Chinese learning journey!