Master Chinese basics with essential tools for beginners

Lay a solid Foundation for your Mandarin learning journey

Welcome to the first step in your exciting Mandarin learning journey! To help you establish a solid foundation, we've developed essential tools and resources tailored for beginners. Our learning modules and ebook are designed to accelerate your progress in mastering Chinese pronunciation, strokes, and character recognition. By building strong basics, you'll be well-prepared to advance through the following stages of learning Mandarin. Dive into our expertly crafted resources and unlock your potential as a confident and fluent Chinese speaker!

Master Chinese strokes in just 5 hours

Free character strokes app

Unlock the world of Chinese characters with our innovative strokes app, tailored for both beginners and experienced learners. Our intuitive app helps you master the 28 fundamental strokes and their common variations in record time, laying a solid foundation for your Chinese writing skills.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to fast-track your Chinese character mastery. Experience the difference our app can make in your language learning journey—use it for free at the study center today!

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Master Chinese strokes in just 5 hours first

Essential tools for beginner Chinese learners

Kickstart your language journey with our expertly crafted resources

Chinese module: Learn all 28 strokes

Stroke recognition
Character composition
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Unlock the secrets of Chinese writing with our innovative Chinese strokes learning module. Master the 28 essential strokes and build a solid foundation in Chinese characters.

Chinese module: Learn Mandarin pronunciation

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Enhance your Mandarin pronunciation with our intuitive Mandarin pronunciation module. Learn 42 Chinese sounds, 23 initials, 35 finals, and 5 tones. Speak and write in pinyin with confidence.

28 strokes e-workbook

Chinese alphabet
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Achieve Chinese character familiarity for free with our comprehensive 28 Basic Strokes eBook. Identify strokes within real characters, boost your learning with the included free stroke app, and start your journey towards Chinese character mastery now!

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Unlock the full potential of our beginner tools by starting your Chinese learning journey now. Our apps are designed to help you master pronunciation, strokes, and character recognition with ease. Don't miss this opportunity to lay a solid foundation for your Mandarin skills.