How the pronunciation module works

Simplify the process of learning Mandarin Chinese sounds and tones

The module uses four types of interactive pronunciation cards to enhance your learning experience:

  1. Pinyin Pronunciation: See the pinyin and try to pronounce it correctly.
  2. Sound Recognition: Hear a sound and determine the correct pinyin.
  3. Tone Identification: Listen to a sound and identify its tone(s).
  4. Sound Differentiation: Hear a sound and choose the correct pinyin from two similar-sounding words.

To use the module, simply review the question on each card and think about the correct answer. There's no need to type, select, or draw – just hit the "show answer" button to reveal the solution. Assess your own progress by deciding if your answer was correct or not. Practice the cards out loud or in your mind, whichever suits your learning style best.

The ultimate goal of the moduleis to help you hear sounds distinctively. When you can clearly differentiate sounds, your pronunciation will improve, and Mandarin Chinese will no longer feel like a foreign language.

How the pronunciation module works first

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