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Welcome to our advanced Chinese learning page, where you'll find all the information you need about our upcoming comprehensive learning tools and resources. Our goal is to help you master the Chinese language and delve deeper into the fascinating world of Chinese culture. While our advanced learning products are still under development, we're excited to give you a sneak peek into what's in store. Keep an eye on this space for updates and stay tuned for the launch of our advanced learning suite!

Advanced Chinese language learning: Mastering your skills

Unlock Chinese literature

Effortlessly read books, newspapers, and magazines

Expand your vocabulary to 2,500 words and recognize 1,500 characters, allowing you to grasp over 90% of written Chinese. Effortlessly read a variety of standard Chinese materials, including books, newspapers, and magazines, with only minimal assistance from a dictionary.

Confidently express yourself

Communicate your thoughts and feelings in Chinese

Master essential grammar, sentence patterns, and glue words to accurately convey your thoughts and emotions in various situations. Our personalized approach helps you develop unique conversation material, empowering you to communicate with confidence in Chinese.

Immerse in Chinese media

Develop your listening skills with movies, TV series, and more

Dive into a vast collection of Chinese movies, TV series, news, short videos, and talk shows, systematically arranged to enhance your listening comprehension. By exploring classic and popular content, you'll progressively understand standard Chinese conversations and enjoy simple Chinese videos without subtitles.

Embrace Chinese culture

Discover and experience the intricacies of Chinese society

Immerse yourself in Chinese culture by learning to navigate daily life situations and stay current with relevant topics. Our comprehensive courses cover all aspects of Chinese society, from food, clothing, and housing to media, technology, literature, art, and business. Become a genuine China expert, even if you've never set foot in China.

Accelerate your advanced Chinese journey

Unlock the full potential of our learning tools

Ready to propel your Chinese language skills to new heights? Gain access to our comprehensive suite of apps and resources designed to help you reach advanced fluency. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture and expand your understanding like never before.